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We hope you enjoy our site. It will be updated regularly after the season begins. Changing features will include game action photos of all our players, game statistics, player statistics, and updates to our tournament schedule. Check back early and often!!
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We are thankful to receive the kind donations from friends, family, and businesses to fund our team's activities. During the upcoming weeks, we will be seeking donations from corporate sponsors and recognizing both individuals and companies who give. Four levels of sponsorship will be designated for donations of $100 or more: Hall Of Fame, All-Star, and Super Fan, and Fan. Also, donations of $25 or more will be featured on our website.

If you would like to donate, please click on the Sponsor link below to load and print a donation slip and instructions. We will promptly send a thank you letter after receiving your donation and recognize you or your company on our sponsorship page.
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Arkansas Voodoo is a fastpitch girls16U team based in Lamar, Arkansas, and founded by Tracey Nordin in 2012. Our team features exciting, dedicated players from central and northern Arkansas who are all striving to play at the highest level.

In 2014, Voodoo will be playing in tournaments that provide top competition and allow our ladies to display their softball skills and their strong desire to win with sportsmanship.
Arkansas Voodoo was established to encourage high level female athletes develop and refine their softball skills through intensive practice and quality competition. Our coaches and players emphasize sportsmanship and ethical behavior and strive to properly represent the high values of our parents, team, and the communities we represent. Voodoo players share the goal of playing at the collegiate level and reaching their potential as responsible adults.